Choirs of Ross Local Schools, Ross, Ohio

Parent/Student Information

About Choir

Our objective of achieving vocal music excellence is founded upon the following aspects of music:   

Technique - developing each singer’s talent to the fullest, expanding upon basic knowledge of the voice and learning how to use the body to produce the best tone quality, which results in confidence and poise

Theory - teaching the rudiments of music-reading so that graduates may continue use of developed skills beyond high school (college, community, church choirs, theater, etc.) 

Discipline - encouraging self-discipline, motivation and a drive for excellence

Teamwork - nurturing a supportive and safe environment for each individual to thrive and be successful; it is when all feel safe and supported that we can then be selfless enough to support the greater good.  It can not be required to like everything about everyone, but it is required to respect each other.

History - teaching basic music history through the repertoire appreciation - teaching students to appreciate the music of many time periods and cultures

In addition to the above mentioned objectives, the students will leave the classroom being strong musicians, productive members of the community, and all around up-standing young adults.  


One third of the overall grade is based upon “Daily Participation” - 33% of Quarter Grade

· Rehearsal techniques
· Attitude
· Self Discipline

One third of the overall grade is based upon “Performance” - 34% of Quarter Grade

· Any scheduled performances
· Extra Rehearsals
· Out of class activities that are a required part of the course

One third of the overall grade is based upon “Assessments” - 33% of Quarter Grade

· Written tests and quizzes (Semester Exam=15% of semester grade)
· Vocal testing (sight singing, solfege, programmed music)
· Musical and technical progression

Letters of Recommendation

We are proud of the accomplishments you have achieved as a choral musician at Ross.  We also enjoy helping you pursue collegiate musical interests, college acceptance, work employment, and scholarship pursuits.  Please notify us as soon as possible when preparing for a college application, scholarship audition, or work employment that require letters of recommendation.  If possible, please notify us at least two weeks in advance of the deadlines.